Céline Palfroix


Instructor in sea kayaking



This passion for sea kayaking has led me to paddle at various locations such as the St-Laurent river, St-Brides Bay , Wales, Baja California, Maine on the east coast of the United States as well. As the tour of Manhattan Island in New York. These experiences allowed me, among other things, to acquire knowledge an knowledge to transmit my passion.




FQCK  sea Kayak Instructor level 1 and 2

Paddle Canada sea Kayak Instructor level Base, 1  and 2

Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park Guide 

Level 3 FQCK sea kayak

Level 3 Paddle Canada

Marine radio operator certificat

Rescuer in the wild and remote

Marine Meteorology course

Paten Weather master

Who I am

I have always loved keeping fit by leading a very active life. That's why I'm hard at work. Each time I start passionately and investe myself completely. A few years agos, I had the crazy idea to travel through the desert with a freind and participate in the Trophy Haïcha des Gazelles.A wonderful adventure that confirmed to me that with a good dose of passion and effort, absolutely all our wildest dreams become possible. Then a beautiful Sunday, my man invited me to swap my computer for a memorabld dive in a new adventure. Maybe, like you, I need to respect my commitments and often serve others. Well that day, when he proposed to go kayakingon the beach of Oka, my live changed suddenly Barely an hour late, I did not see how I could wait another week before reoffending! The same day, we went to buy our fist kayaks! Yes, yes, you read correctly, we aleady had the sting! The first season was to discover places know from a different angle and make our first trips ont he majestic St-Lawrence River. Then we quickly followed several training courses on the Quebec Federation of Canoeing and kayak (FQCK). We then perfected ourselves to acquire the necessary knowledge to paddle safely. Since then, my passion for kayaking has only grown and it also allows me to share my knowledge and I often come to create the same passion ok kayaking in others. We had the chance to paddle with great kayakers in Wales, Baja and Maine to learn more about our techniques and discover other bodies of water. It's lterally contagious!!! In short to share unforgettable... to pleasure of guiding you if the adventure call you and that the heart tells you! Come discover this wonderful soprt that is refreshing as comtemplative!

Where we took to new horizons