kayak Training




You want to learn in a safe and dinamic environment to:


  • To discover what is sea kayaking
  • To learn safely
  • To deepen your knowledge of kayaking
  • To learn the basics about navigation
  • To be able to re-enter you kayak if you will capsize
  • To be able to plan your outings
  • And to make new acquaintance to practice this sport


So join me for a great adventure

Safety first

The waters are a great wealth, both to drink and to have fun. Do we really know wath they are capable of? At once a vital need, a source of pleasure, but sometimes they are dangerous. I saw situations where things could have gone wrong.rapporte. That's why I want to share my passion by teaching people the importance of having a good safety foundation. Kayaking is both refreshing but can also be dangerous. In training, we will see how to make this sport pleasant, accessible, but above all safe by planning our outings taking into account the types of water bodies ot the water and all that relates to it.


Where we took to new horizons